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Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine

Whether you suddenly find yourself ill or injured or need help with an acute health issue, we're here to get you back to your day. You can avoid a long wait in an emergency room or receive immediate attention when your regular physician is overbooked, or away on vacation. Our staff is fully trained to effectively diagnose and promptly treat patients over the age of three as well as perform many procedures offered in a hospital emergency room.

Our Services


We take care of virtually all non life threatening illness from colds and flu to chest pain or abdominal pain, seasonal allergies, migraines, etc. Our competent staff will provide you with the care and information you need to feel better quickly.


Most injuries do not require emergency room visits. We can provide definitive care for most injuries including contusions, sprains, tendonitis and fractures. Our goal is to help you to heal quickly and get back to your life.


Other Services
Besides illness and injury care, we perform various types of physicals including school, sports, and DOT, in house lab testing, drug screening, and workers compensation injury care.